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EXILE Technologies is your preferred partner for professional quality thermal imaging equipment, computer-to-screen systems, screen printing equipment, and film products. We provide expert service and support and make a commitment to our customers to offer premium results through our top-of-the-line imaging systems.

Speak with any one of our experienced professionals about your specialised electronic pre-press and printing needs. Visit our PRODUCTS pages to get a firsthand look at some of the screen printing equipment we offer, including the latest in computer-to-screen (direct-to-screen) and accessories. In particular, our Spyder II & new SPYDER III and FREEStyler 2, our LED/DTS Exposure units and our family of thermal imagesetters and seismic plotters.


Please see what our fantastic customers have to say...

Managing Director - FANELA

SPYDER II Computer-to-Screen

"It saves money, it saves time, it gives consistency, it improves quality - its a much better way of working"


FREEStyler Direct-to-Screen

"If they want to do tonal work, simulated process work, the FREEStyler is absolutely brilliant"

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