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EXILE Technologies offers a unique phase-change ink for the Spyder Direct-to-Screen systems. This high-density ink is packaged in a solid brick form. The Spyder system melts the wax ink into a liquid phase before jetting the ink onto a coated screen frame, instantly cooling to solid form again once on the screen. This allows the screen to be handled immediately without worrying about drying time. This technology allows for higher UV density, improved dot control, and improved emulsion support.


The FREEStyler UV Block Black Ink Cartridges are quick and easy to change. Based on the Hewlett Packard HP45si Thermal Inkjet Print head system these cartridges are disposable ensuring every time you replace the ink... you also replace the print head, for more reliable, trouble free imaging.


EXILE’s ThermoImpression™ Film is coated polyester which, instead of being light sensitive like other graphic art films, is sensitive to the application of heat. When thermal imagesetter is used to image the film, the reactive layer turns black and creates the image. Since everything you need is built into the film, these products don’t require messy toners, dyes, inks or transfers. Our FILM is the only consumable needed for the Liberator XE and TECHSETTER², product lines.


Up to 5.0 UV D-Max Density
0.03 UV D-Min Density (optically clear)
0.005” thickness for better handling
Lays flat before and after exposure
Dimensionally stable for accurate registration
Light safe
20+ year shelf life