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SPYDER II Computer to Screen


How long have you had the SPYDER II?
We've had it for nearly two years.
Why did you choose it?
The SPYDER does what it shuld be doing, it works well.
Is it paying for itself?
Yes, it's a self financing project.because to produce a screen the old conventional film way you're looking at it costing you between £1.50 to £2.00 for the film. With the SPYDER you're looking at a screen that's going to cost you between 17 and 18 pence. It's a big difference.
What are the main advantages?
It saves money, it saves time, it gives consistency, it improves quality - its a much better way of working.
How fast is it?
I think the record is about 130 screens in one day. That was one person.
Any other benefits?
Their after care service is very, very good, their availability to anwer questions...

FREEStyler Direct to Screen

Why did you get it?
We do a lot of band and film T-shirts, using alot of halftone work and alot of 10, 12 colour simultated process work. We've got the usual ink jet film system, but I didn't feel we were getting the quality that we needed. The FREEStyler is an ideal way of dipping your toe into the water without too much investment.
How is it working out?
It's absolutely amazing. The a,ount of dots that we hold now compared to what we used to - it's probably 30% more. You get under-cutting from film ,with the light going under, you lose quite a few dots... whereas the FREEStyler just holds everything.

Are there any other advantages?
With the traditional method you've got thousands of pieces of film lying about, so you're going to save on storage with this.
What would you say to other printers thinking of getting a CtS system?
If they want to do tonal work, simulated process work, the FREEStyler is absolutely brilliant. For any small to medium shop wanting to get into high end printing, I would recommend it.